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The Keyhole

Imagine a keyhole. When you look through that keyhole, you see all of your hopes, dreams, and fantasies that fill you up with only the best feelings. Now picture yourself stepping back from that viewpoint. The hole is a part of a door, which is part of a wall. From that perspective, whatever it was you were looking at is now hard to view, right? Now equate this to the concept of life. The keyhole is your inner child screaming with happiness to pursue their dreams, making them a reality, and ultimately doing what is considered your “purpose”, as scary as it sounds. And the door/wall? The door/wall represents societies expectations, standards, and external opinions that ultimately allows our subconscious mind to manifest into a state of comfort and fear. Fear of being a disappointment if we pursue this “wild” idea. Fear of failing. Fear of judgement. What you need to do, is learn that the door and wall means nothing to you when considering your pursuit of happiness. You are the creator, and no outside force can make you feel otherwise. And once you find the key to self content, independent happiness, and pure self confidence, you will be able to open that door.  Then the door and wall will no longer exist. All that’s left is a new reality and a beautiful human flourishing in their true state of being. So find your key. Value your key. Trust your key. Whatever it is you’re looking for is already within you, and your vision through a keyhole will soon become a reality the moment you decide to put the key to use.

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